Episode 742

Are We Aware and Open to Receiving the Active Life of Christ? - Eric Gallagher

Published on: 13th December, 2023

As Eric Gallagher reflects on a prayer that has been rising in his heart during this Advent season, he invites us to all this prayerful season to be a time where we consider how open we truly are to receiving the life of Christ.

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We bring together individuals who have experienced the love the Jesus Christ in their life and desire to commit their entire lives to Him to grow in their interior life through prayer, community and formation opportunities so that they can grow in the confidence that they are doing the Lord’s will in their lives and living in and through His love at every moment of every day.

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Eric Gallagher

Eric Gallagher is the founder of Cofome, LLC, an apostolate behind all kinds of creative projects. He hails from Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife and four children. Eric has a deep love for helping others grow in their spiritual life and teaching them about prayer and discernment. He has worked full-time in church ministry since 2003. Eric also holds a Masters of Theology from the Augustine Institute.